Topsfield Town Forms Online

These materials are posted for the convenience of the public. By-laws, rules and regulations are subject to change, so interested parties are advised to consult the official versions of Town documents that are kept in the Town Clerk's Office and in the offices of the Town's boards and committees.

Alcohol Permit for One Day Form (pdf file)

Assessor Change of Address Form

Building Permit Application for One or Two Family Residence

Building Permit Prerequisite Form

Cable TV and Web Notice Form(pdf file)

Camp - Application to Conduct a Recreational Camp for Children

Commercial form-bbrs-municipal-building-permit

Disposal - COC for Disposal System Construction Permit (pdf file)

Disposal - Application for Disposal System Construction Permit (pdf file)


Electrical Permit Application

Employment Application

Family Accessory Apartment Application Form (pdf file)

Field Use Application (pdf file)

Food - Application for Temporary/Annual Food Permit(pdf file)

Food - Annual Food Permit (pdf file)

Gas Permit Application

Hauler - Application for Hauler Permit(pdf file)

Hauler - Topsfield System Pumping Record t5form4 for Haulers (pdf file)

House Check Form

Installer - Application for Installer License (pdf file)

Operation Concern Application

One or Two Family Building Permit Application

Percolation - Application for Percolation and Deep Hole Testing(pdf file)

Plumbing Permit Application

Sign Permit for Non-conforming Signs - Application Form (pdf file)

Sign Permit for Non-conforming Signs - Application Form Supplement (pdf file)

Voter Registration Card

Workers Compensation Affidavit Form

Historical Commission Forms

Certificate of Appropriateness Application (pdf file)

Application for Significant Structure Review (pdf file)

Planning Board Forms

Scenic Road Permit Application Form

        Scenic Road Permit Rules

Special Permit Application Form

         Special Permit Rules

Stormwater Permit Application Form(pdf file)

          Stormwater Permit Rules

Subdivision Control Forms
Subdivision Control Rules and Regulations

Subdivision Control Form A
Subdivision Control Form B
Subdivision Control Form C
Subdivision Control Form D
Subdivision Control Form E
Subdivision Control Form F
Subdivision Control Form G
Subdivision Control Form H
Subdivision Control Form I
Subdivision Control Form J
Subdivision Control Form K
Subdivision Control Form L
Subdivision Control Form M


Town Events Sign Application

Volunteer Committee Application Form


Zoning Board of Appeals Forms

Revised Rules and Procedures (as of April 26, 2011) (pdf file)

Revised Application Form A Cover (2011) (pdf file)

Revised Application Form A (as of April 26, 2011) (pdf file)

Legal Notice Payment Procedure (pdf file)

Salem Evening News Legal Notice Payment Procedure (pdf file)

Zoning Complaint Form