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Are you buying a house in Topsfield, or do you have questions about your septic system?

The Topsfield Board of Health maintains current files on each residence in town. These

files are available for public review during office hours. The Health Agent, John Coulon, is

available to answer questions and offer assistance during drop in hours Tuesday and

Wednesday from 9 - 12 or by appointment Monday - Friday 8 - 4. The office is staffed

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8 - 1; Tuesday 8 - 12.


Topsfield Emergency Preparedness Handbook(pdf)

Link to FEMA Information on Replacing Your Important Papers


Link to Food and Drug Administration MedWatch Safety Alert


Link to CDC "Did You Know" Web Page


MEMA Tips on Boat and Home Hurricane Preparedness

MEMA Offers Power Outage Safety Tips




Sheryl Knutsen Named Topsfield Board of Health Chair

Sheryl Knutsen MSN, RN, PHCNS-BC, a 37-year resident of Topsfield,

and a 12-year member of the Topsfield Board of Health, is a Registered

Nurse and is certified by the ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing

Center) as a Public/Community Health Clinical Nurse Specialist.  Ms.

Knutsen currently serves as the Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Planner for the Region 3A-Northeast Public Health Coalition, fourteen

communities including Topsfield.  In 2015, she was selected as a Fellow

by the Local Public Health Institute of Massachusetts.



Health Alert: Update on EnteroVirus68


Federal Survey Indicates E Cigarettes Top Smoking Among Youth

Warning About Fetal 'Keepsake' Images, Heartbeat Monitors


US FDA MED WATCH ALERTS (link to external site)




Smoking Cessation: There is help! Click on the following link

to the Mass. Department of Public Health Smoking Cessation Website:


Warning about  Whole Body Cryotherapy




Sabra Dipping Company Recall Prompts Secondary Recall of Vegetable Products


Recall on Frozen Strawberries


McCormick Taco Seasoning Mix Recall


Con Agra Recalls PF Changs Home Cooked Meals Due To Metal Shards in

Sugar - Not Related to PF Changs Restaurant Food




Public Health News and Articles from Medscape news and other

Publications (pdfs)

KINSHIP CARE FAMILIES Across the country, millions of grandparents and other

relatives have stepped forward to care for children whose parents are unable

or unwilling to raise them. Click on this link for more information (PDF).




Tips on Treating Head Lice


Medical Marijuana - The Science

Feds Can No Longer Raid State Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

AAN- Still Too Early to Greenlight Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Laws and Suicide

Medical Marijuana Laws Linked to Fewer Opioid Deaths



Can An Aspirin A Day Prevent Heart Attacks?

Arsenic in Water Threatens Childhood Development

Drinking In Middle Age May Lead To Cognitive Decline

Alcohol Protective Against MS?

Fish Oil May Protect Against Alcohol Related Dementia

Modafinil For Alcohol Dependence - In Search of Solutions to An Epidemic

Doctors in Survey Say Legalize Marijuana

The Genetics of Living Longer, Healthier Lives

Tips for a Safer Spring Break

MedWatch News Warnings

Just 10 Minutes! Getting Older Patients to Exercise - Editorial


_To Stop Lyme Disease, Vaccinate - Mice?


Smoking Related To Diabetes - Doctors Should Help Patients Quit

Alcohol Related Deaths Continue to Climb

Use Certain Laxatives With Caution

New Guidelines Coming For Treating Hypertension

Pain Medicines for Pets - Know the Risks

High Dose Flu Vaccine Shows Promise In Elderly

Antibiotics Still Being Overprescribed for Sore Throats, Bronchitis

FDA Warns of Rare Acetaminophen Risk

Helpful Websites

"Did You Know" Informational Site Hosted by the CDC

What Every Consumer Should Know About Class 1 Recalls

Important Articles from Medscape News and other Publications

Articles on Breast Implants from Medscape News (pdfs)

Cancer and the Power of the Placebo

Articles on Women's Health:

Clinical Take Home Points from the WH1 Hormone Therapy Trials

Calcium and  Vitamin D: Surprises From Long Term Follow-Up

How to Talk To Patients About Mammography

Babies With 3 Genetic Parents: Good Idea or Just Wrong?


Other Helpful Articles from Medscape News (pdfs)


HIV Occupational Exposure - USPHS Updates Guidelines

New World Health Organization Guidelineson Mental Health After Trauma

Cocoa, Even With Few Flavonoids, Boosts Cognition

H7N9: Probable Human Transmission Case

Articles About Fish Oil (pdfs)

CDC "Did You Know" Information on Hepatitis C

Cancer News (pdfs)

Mythbusters - Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Cancer

Ask the Experts - Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Cancer

Lung Cancer News

Message from Mark Kris: Lung Cancer - Why the Guilt Trip?

Destigmatizing Lung Cancer

How To Solve Lung Cancer's Catch-22

Refining The Value of Lung Cancer Screening

Message from Dr. Sandra Fryhofer: Whom To Screen?


Prostate Cancer News

Women's Cancer News (pdfs)

Medscape News Articles on Compounding Pharmacies (pdfs)

Regarding Generic Versus Brand Name Drugs (pdfs)

Regarding Adults (pdfs)

Regarding Children (pdfs)

FDA Report on Babies Spitting Up

Helpful Information Regarding Mammograms (pdfs)

Other News (pdfs)

Topsfield Regional Medical Reserve Corps


New Lyme Culture Test Failed FDA

Mosquito Control and Related Health Concerns

Please see the Topsfield Board of Health Mosquito Page for more information.