Town Library

The Topsfield Town Library, at One South Common Street, is a center for many cultural activities in town. The library has over 50,000 volumes which, per resident, is the highest in the Commonwealth. Due to the efforts of the Friends of the Library and a generous trust fund left to the library by a former summer resident of Topsfield, George Lambert Gould, the Library displays both permanent and visiting art collections, hosts concerts, lectures and film festivals, and has active children and teen programs.

The Library has a community meeting room which is a multi-purpose room that accommodates a wide variety of meetings, lectures, audio-visual presentations and exhibits.

The Library is a member of the Merrimac Library Valley Consortium which enables it to extend residential borrowing opportunities to encompass collections through the state and nationally.

Online access to the Library's catalog and to other information about the library is available through the Library's website. The Library may also be reached by:

The Topsfield Town Library's own website is at:

Board of Library Trustees


Audrey Iarocci, Chair

    Patricia Walsh, Vice Chair
  • Brooke Spater
  • Abigail Jackson
  • Gail Bryson
  • Janet Kmetz


Laura Zalewski, Director


The Board of Library Trustees consists of six elected board members. Each term consists of a three-year commitment. The board annually elects a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, and financial liaison.


The role of the trustee is to be an active advocate for the library. This includes seeking local, state, and federal support for the library's staff, collections, property, and programs. Some of the responsibilities consist of the following:

  • employing and supporting a qualified library director to manage the daily activities of the library;
  • setting library policies that uphold the principles of equal access to information and the free exchange of ideas;
  • guiding the management and maintenance of library facilities and assets and expending financial resources judiciously;
  • working to secure an appropriate funding level for facilities, technology, hours of operation, collections and staff;
  • knowing and observing applicable municipal, state and federal laws and regulations; and
  • working with the community to identify information needs and to develop and implement a written plan for the maintenance and improvement of library services.


The trustees have also appointed two subcommittees:

  • The Committee for Visual Arts
    which makes recommendations that will enrich the cultural offerings of the library, and

  • The Music Committee
    which provides musical events to the general public through the library.


If you would like to volunteer for one of these committees, please contact any of the trustees or Director Laura Zalewski. You may also consider joining the Friends of the Topsfield Library , a wonderful non-profit organization that is responsible for the many creative children's, youth, and adult programming available to library patrons and also helps support and enhance the quality of library service.


Regular Meetings: 

Agenda and Minutes

Second Tuesday of the month, 7:30 P.M., Topsfield Town Library