Topsfield Police Department

Operation Concern

Operation concern is a service provided to the senior citizens and disabled residents of Topsfield by the Topsfield Police Department and the communications center personnel, in conjunction with the Topsfield Council on Aging. It is a voluntary action on your part.


The guidelines of operation concern are as easy as making a daily telephone call to the communications center prior to 10:00 A.M. The call should be placed using the following phone number, (978) 8872116. This is the non-emergency telephone line. In case of emergency, dial 911.


In the event you are unable to call or you forget to call, communications center personnel will attempt to contact you by telephone. If contact is not made, a cruiser will be sent to your residence to check on your well being. If you go away on vacation or will not be staying at your residence for any length of time, you should notify the communications center at the above non-emergency telephone number.


Remember, this is a voluntary action on your part. In no way should you feel that you are inconveniencing the communications center or the police department. Operation concern is a service we are glad to provide. You may cancel membership at any time.


If you wish to participate please complete the enrollment form and return it to the police deparment. Forms are available to download in pdf format or can be obtained at the Police Deparment.